Compiling ssphys on Mac OS X

Recently I decided to move an existing SourceSafe repository to Subversion. I wanted to use it on Mac OS X, but apparently the vss2svn tool ssphys supported only Linux and Windows.

To make it work I had to make the following modifications.

1. The simple autoconf script cannot not find the boost libraries. Even after installing boost via MacPorts the script could not find it.

I looked into and realized that the library name was different on Mac OS X. After some googling I found the autoconf archive at I copied the necessary scripts from there according to the nice tutorial, and modified and accordingly.

2. Another problem was that the binary for the project was called 'ssphys' but there was also an 'SSPhys' subdirectory at the same location. Apparently no one compiled this before on a unix-like system with case insensitive filesystem. This is not a problem on Windows where the binary is called ssphys.exe.

So I ended up renaming the 'SSPhys' directory to 'SSPhysSrc'. Later I realized it would have been easier to rename 'ssphys' to 'ssphys.bin' for example.

Patch against the newest revision (r339) attached. Apply it with the following command:

patch -p1 <ssphys-macfix.patch.gz
Tajti Attila,
May 26, 2009, 8:53 AM